Kennedy Dental utilizes new technology to make your dental experience comfortable and effective.

  1. Digital Xrays

    Digital xrays allow for instant viewing of your radiographs without the need to wait for film to develop, making your office visit more efficient.

    Patients can see their xrays on the televisions in the treatment rooms.

    Digital xrays require less radiation than the already small amount required of traditional film radiographs.

    Go Green- Did you know that traditional film xrays produce chemical and lead waste?  Digital radiographs do NOT require chemicals to develop or film packed lead.

  1. Itero Digital Impressions

    The Itero Digital scanner is a state of the art machine that takes digital impressions for crowns, bridges, and Invisalign.  No more messy impressions are needed for final impressions.  The quality of the impression is much more accurate than “goopy” impression techniques and a digital impression allows for a better fitting restoration.

  1. Cone Beam CT 3D radiography

    We have recently added a brand new state of the art dental cone beam CT scanner.  This is the future of dentistry.  It will allow Dr. Kennedy to better diagnose specific dental concerns and properly plan appropriate treatment options with safety and efficiency.  This technology allows for Dr. Kennedy to place implants and perform other surgical procedures with higher predictability and can greatly decrease unknown factors that may contribute to surgical failures of dental implants as well as other surgical procedures.

  1. Lasers

    Dr. Kennedy is properly trained to utilize dental lasers in the office.  He received additional specialized laser training through the World Clinical Laser Institute.

    The use of a dental laser can improve results of many dental procedures and can often increase the healing speed of certain procedures.

    The use of a dental laser can greatly decrease the amount of dental anesthetic required for some procedures and in some cases eliminate the need for it completely.

  1. Computerized Charts

    All patient records are securely stored in digital format, this allows for efficient access of patient records.

    Computerized charts and xrays allow Dr. Kennedy to show patients their healthy teeth on the television screens in the rooms.   This allows for patients to better understand their dental health.

    Computerized charts greatly reduce paper waste.

  1. Magnification

    Dr. Kennedy routinely uses magnification with most patients so that many procedures can be done under greater detail and view.

  1. Intraoral Cameras

    Intraoral cameras are digital cameras specially designed to take photos inside the mouth. 

    The digital photos can be shown to patients on the televisions in the rooms during exams.

  1. Ultrasonics

    Dental ultrasonics utilize the science of high frequencies to efficiently and effectively removed tarter and plaque from teeth during hygiene visits.

    Ultrasonics are generally more comfortable than traditional hand instruments used during cleanings.

  1. Dental Implants

    Dental Implants can be used to replace lost, missing, severely decayed, loose, or broken teeth.  Dental implants can also be used to stabilize and anchor dentures.

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